Our Resumé

Event name:  Metcash Food and Grocery Expo, annually, from Year 2000

Client: Metcash

Location: Gold Coast, Queensland

Delegate range: 5000+

Ozaccom+ provided:  

Our Story

Welcome To Ozaccom+

Our industry experience spans all possible conference and event groups -

  • +Professional associations
  • +The corporate sector
  • +Charities
  • +Community organisations
  • +Educational / Research bodies
  • +Government bodies
  • +Medical / Health groups
  • +Religious communities and
  • +Sporting organisations

Each has had their own special requirements and we’ve been flexible enough to tailor our services to each.


Transparent event management

– it’s clear to see

Total transparency with our clients and their event guests is part of the Ozaccom+ culture.

You’ll see it in everything we do: our systems, our contractual arrangements, and the way we negotiate on your behalf. Whether it is making available original invoices, or letting your guests choose between our low bulk accommodation rate and a special rate or package they negotiate themselves.

For you, it’s the peace of mind of that comes from knowing your event partners at Ozaccom+ are professionals, committed to the highest ethical standards.


We keep you informed at every stage

Our reporting systems give you customised information on how your budget is being managed. We can provide reports daily, weekly – or as often as you need.

And, we’ve made it easy to follow the management process. Our statistical analysis reports are easily accessible via a secure internet connection.

The best deals?

Ozaccom+ has the buying power!

Ozaccom+ has developed the sort of buying power and industry connections less experienced event managers can only dream about. So, finding you the very best airfares, room rates and venue packages is what we are really good at.

Our clout comes from having managed nearly 3000 events over 20 years.

It also comes from being under contract to 250 private companies, not-for-profit and public sector organisations to handle their year-round accommodation and travel booking needs.

That strong history and experience gives us great leverage when buying on your behalf. With Ozaccom+ as your event and travel management partner, you’ll always get the best deals.


Ozaccom+ takes the risk out of contracting event services

We develop client-friendly contracts with service providers on your behalf. This minimises your risk of exposure.

It also puts the responsibility on us to deliver the goods and services you require for your event from accommodation and other service providers. And, we always deliver....


Our independence makes for

lowest prices to you

Unlike other organisations, we have no allegiances with any industry suppliers, airlines and accommodation providers. This transparency enables us to provide our clients with independent advice and the absolute lowest prices.

Ozaccom+ is paid a 10% commission by accommodation suppliers for managing the booking process. This is a standard industry practice and in no way compromises your ability to access the best possible competitive rates. 


Peace of Mind

Ozaccom+ is fully licensed, insured and conforms to all travel, accommodation, and conference industry standards, so you can be sure your interests are always protected.