Our Resumé

Event name: Retirement Villages Association of Australia National Conference (RVA), annually from 2010

Client: RVA

Location: Melbourne

Delegate range: Up to 1000

Ozaccom+ provided: Full conference management services including:

Our technology and systems

What’s so different about our technology?

As well as our online conference registration system, we have developed a world-first, state-of-the-art accommodation booking system.

We’ve addressed the proliferation of ‘best available’ accommodation rates being offered by hotels and dot com accommodation providers by creating a complete solution - our own global online accommodation booking engine that features a rates comparison screen. The system harvests real time room rates, as well as the negotiated conference rate and displays them all on the same screen.  Your delegates can enjoy choice without having to invest precious time searching online for all available deals.  

Our Ozaccom+ booking engine also addresses the growing issue of busy city hotels. To ensure your delegates actually secure a room, we can protect room blocks for your projected numbers and let them view ‘last room availability’ in what are increasingly tight booking windows. The new technology means your delegates should have no need to exit your website to go in search of a room at the right price.  



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We’ve invested significant time and effort in developing this cutting edge industry technology. This is the compelling + that has become the engine of all our divisions and is one of our company’s distinctive differences. We’ve always known that innovation is the key to providing one-stop shop efficiencies and the cost-savings that our clients seek, and now our world-first technology resoundingly delivers both.

Put simply, this new technology means we are more responsive than ever to your needs and those of your delegates, around the clock.

There’s however one area where we prefer a ‘low–tech’ approach – our phones! You will always speak to a person, never an answering machine.


What about data security?

Your data is in the maximum-security wing

We take your confidentiality and privacy seriously. Security systems and back-up processes ensure your data is always safe and secure.

We use the latest servers and virtualization technology to deliver minimal downtime and maximum redundancy to clients.