Our Resumé

Event name:  Danks Annual Conference & Trade Show, 2007, 2009, 2011

Client: Danks Pty Ltd (owned by Woolworths from 2010)

Location: Gold Coast, Queensland

Delegate range: 1000-2000

Ozaccom+ provided:  


Q. I only need help with the organisation of my conference’s registration and accommodation. Can you do just this?

A. Yes, we’re extremely flexible and can offer one or more of our services in any combination to suit your particular needs (and budget). If you require it, we can also manage delegate registration onsite.


Q. What is it going to cost me to have you organise just my delegates’ accommodation?

A. We don’t charge a fee for this service. In line with standard industry practice, we earn a base 10% commission from the accommodation providers involved.


Q. You say your booking engine can be tailored to our needs. We’re after a range of accommodation for our delegates – 5* hotels, budget motels and self-contained apartments, but all within 5kms of the venue and near public transport. Can you address all this?

A. Absolutely. We can source any number of venues within your specific brief and only make those that meet the brief available to delegates on your custom-designed event web page.


Q. We have some international as well as delegates from all over Australia who will need to book flights. Some will also need advice on post-conference travel and others will need to hire cars. How can you help?

A. One of our specialist divisions is a fully licensed travel agency. We would create an interactive travel booking page on your conference’s website (where registration and accommodation bookings are also made) that can even include customised technical, study or even leisure tours. Our agents regularly develop full travel itineraries for delegates and can answer any of their questions by phone if they have specific needs




Q. Our delegates like the convenience of registering online. Do you offer this?

A. Yes, as part of our registration service, we create a customised site that your delegates can access to register. It’s very straightforward and user-friendly.  If any would prefer to personally discuss their registration needs however, our coordinators are available to speak with them.


Q. We’re thinking about including an exhibition in our conference to help fund it but haven’t done this before. Also, sponsorship is always tough – can you help with either of these?

A. We’re a full service conference manager and have had years of experience in managing exhibitions and sourcing appropriate sponsorship for a variety of different conferences.

Q.  How can you help me put my program together?

A. We work closely with you to determine the program format, which can include abstract presentations, invited speakers and keynote speakers. We assist you in developing the call for abstracts and managing the selection process for the final program. With regard to invited and keynote speakers, we assist you to research suggested speakers to ensure the best fit to your program and topics. Once selected, we liaise with speakers to confirm their involvement including the coordination of their biographies, photos and papers.


Q. Our association is considering bidding for an international conference but we haven’t done this before and aren’t even sure if our idea is feasible or not. Can Ozaccom+ help?

A. We’ve coordinated bids for many major events, in partnership with national and international associations, governments and convention bureaux so are quite familiar with the process and what’s required. In select cases this has included securing funding. We’d be delighted to work with you on yours.