Our Resumé

Event name:  World Water Congress and Exhibition

Client: The International Water Association

Location: 2008 – Vienna, 2010 – Montreal, 2012 – Busan, 2014 – Lisbon, 2016 – Brisbane

Delegate range: 5000-6000

Ozaccom+ provided:  

Audio visual production

Wired for success - the best production at the best price

Whatever its size, there are two essential ingredients for a successful event – content and presentation.

Every post-event survey we’ve conducted has advised that success (or failure) usually comes down to how relevant and current the content was, and how well it was presented.

We can’t help with the content (although we will share our insights on scheduling, programming and entertainment). However, we can make sure everyone sees and hears it by installing the right audio-visual equipment where and when it’s needed.

Our experienced audio-visual technicians will look after everything: stage management, lighting, sound, and supporting technical systems.

As part of our comprehensive management plan, we’ll work with you to determine the most suitable equipment for your needs and budget.